Contest Winners!

Here are the lucky winners for the Aristeia Contest. I used the Wizards custom dice roller to roll 6 random numbers.

  1. Grand Prize (4 hardbacks): Katje Van Loon. Winning Entry: Blog post from Gossip Diet
  2. First Prize (Hardbacks of Aristeia 1 and 2): Heidi Ruby Miller. Winning Entry: Tweet from 5/12
  3. Second Place (Hardback of “A Little Rebellion”): All Things Trek. Winning Entry: Mention of the book on a podcast
  4. Third Place (Paperback of “A Little Rebellion”): Julie B. Winning Entry: Prelaunch Blitz
  5. Fourth Place (Ebook of “A Little Rebellion”): Cassandra Davis. Winning Entry: Blog post from Cassandra’s Muse.
  6. Fifth Place (ebook of short stories): DA Bale. Winning Entry: Blog post from Indie Author’s.

I was really pleased with the spread of the winners. Most of them were from Blog Tour participants, which is not surprising since they each got 5 entries per post. And Katje, for instance, made two. But not all of them were blog tour. We had one tweet and one blitz winner.

Congratulations to our winners and your books are on their way!

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