Star Wars part 3

Over on a forum site I hang out on, there was a discussion running about an io9 article talking about the rumor of another Star Wars trilogy of movies. Now, the article is 2 years old, and George Lucas has since announced his retirement from Star Wars. So, this is all a pretty pointless discussion. But, it was fun and I’m lazy right now, so I’m going to cheat and repost my thoughts as a blog post.

I’m mixed on this. First, believability. On one hand, I think there’s no way it’s true since George announced his retirement. On the other, that would fit perfectly into the story. George “retires” and then 6yrs later BOOM new movies. Comes out of nowhere and everyone is surprised and excited. Hype goes over 9000!

Second, desirability. New SW movies written and directed by George? Uh. Conceived by him and produced by someone else would be cool. It could give us another “Empire Strikes Back”. But if he writes and produces it, we get another “Attack of the Clones”.
However, it would still be new SW and, surprisingly, I am an huge fanboy so will probably go see them. Also, if they do come out on that schedule, my son would be 6-7yrs old, which would be the perfect time.

Third, canon. Star Wars has some pretty stringent guidelines for all the EU material working together in a single canon. Won’t a new set of movies occurring 100yrs later mess with the Legacy Era? I know George doesn’t care about that, since the prequels messed with all the stuff that had been written before they came out. Even if it’s set 1000yrs later, what story is there to tell that hasn’t already been told in one of the other EU sources?

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