SciFi Fantasy Saturday- May 12

In honor of the announced release date, June 1, 2012, for Aristeia: A Little Rebellion, here’s another sneak peek snippet from the upcoming sequel to Aristeia: Revolutionary Right (which is still on sale for $2.99).

“You know, if you wanted, we could just disappear and take off for parts unknown,” Saracasi said, lounging in the operations chair on the flight deck of the Cutty Sark, Maarkean’s personal ship.

Maarkean turned from the pilot’s station and raised an eyebrow. “I thought this rebellion thing was exactly what you wanted me to do.”

Nodding, Saracasi continued, though her tone was less confident than she wanted it to be. “It is. It has always been what I wanted you to do. But it’s never been what you wanted to do. We have a full fuel tank and some money on hand, and there’s no one else on the ship. There’s nothing stopping you from disappearing and returning to a quiet life of smuggling.”

Leaning forward, she looked her brother in the eye, hoping to find an answer. “So, why don’t you?”

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Also, check out yesterday’s post for information about the contest being held for several signed copies of this book and more. For information about a Blog Tour I am organizing to help highlight the book’s release, check here.

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15 Responses to SciFi Fantasy Saturday- May 12

  1. T. M. Hunter says:

    Smuggling isn’t as exciting, that’s why! 🙂
    Good snippet!

    • Wayne says:

      Congratulations! You are the first entrant into the Aristeia: A Little Rebellion release contest!

  2. Congratulations on the release next month, Wayne!

    I would love to have REVOLUTIONARY RIGHT read by then, but I’m under deadline, so that’s not going to happen. I guess both ARISTEIA novels will have to be beach reads this summer. Looking forward to it!

    Great sibling interaction between Saracasi and Maarkean. I think the brother/sister dynamic is always intriguing.

  3. Misa Buckley says:

    Be interesting to find out what his answer is.

  4. JC Cassels says:

    No one asks probing questions better than a sibling. Great snippet! I look forward to reading these!

  5. T.K. Toppin says:

    Yet another great snippet, making me want to push my other To Be Reads out the way. And congrats on the release next month!!

  6. Liana Brooks says:

    A quite life of smuggling does sound tempting…

  7. cpsingleton says:

    Just when your mind is set on rebellion your sister comes along and fills your mind with smuggling! Can’t count how many times my sister’s done just that!
    great snippet and congrats on release!! must read!

  8. Revolution or smuggling? Is she trying to get him into trouble? Or is he already?

  9. I also want to know what his answer is.

  10. Sounds like a dare to me….

    Wonder what he’ll choose?

  11. pippa jay says:

    Congrats on the upcoming release!
    Well, going by my eldest two, sister always bosses…er…persuades brother to do as she says?

  12. What a choice! Intriguing. 🙂