Prelaunch Purchase Blitz

One of the sneaky things big publishers due to manipulate the sales of their books is to purchase a bunch of the books themselves. This leads to the books moving onto bestseller lists, like the NY Times. It’s a little underhanded but it works because the book then gains some recognition among the population. People hear about it, and people buy it.

Now, I’m with a small publisher who has some integrity. So aside from not having the financial resources to pull that off, we also find it cheap. However, it did spark an idea that GGP has endorsed.

For one day before the official launch of Aristeia: A Little Rebellion, we will be making the ebook version of the book available on Amazon for $0.99. For those that are friends, family and fans of the series, you can sign up to be informed when this day is and will be able to purchase the ebook for the low price. The idea here is to get as many people who are already willing to buy the book, the opportunity to do so at a cheap price and all at the same time.

If enough people participate, this will give “A Little Rebellion” a strong Amazon sales ranking to start out with. Maybe we can even push it into the top 100 of one of it’s subcategories, therefore gaining some exposure to people who have never heard of it.

To help fuel this Blitz, those that email ( me and let me know their intention to participate, will receive 5 entries into the currently running contest. This will give you a chance to one of a number of physical copies of the book, and a few others.

The great thing about this idea is that you do NOT need a Kindle to participate. Amazon ebooks can be read on your computer, smart phones, iPad’s, etc. So even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still participate, and for only $0.99, why not?

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4 Responses to Prelaunch Purchase Blitz

  1. Tamarynn says:

    I’m curious about this, and if it is too personal to post here, perhaps you can PM me. How do you profit from sales? Is it based on a percentage of sales in general or based off the price? Honestly, I’d like to get the ebook, but I’d rather spend the full amount than the cheaper price, if it is going to help you more.

  2. Wayne says:

    Actually, doing this will help me more. The purpose of this blitz is to get a bunch of sales on the same day, to help bump the Amazon sales rank. With a higher rank, people who’ve never heard of me will be more likely to see, and then purchase, the book. Since they’re helping me out, they get the book at a discount.

  3. D. A. Bale says:

    This is a great idea, Wayne! If you don’t mind, I’ll share this with my critique group also, as we’ve been debating the whole pricing issue and ways to get sales rankings up – and doing it with integrity too. I look forward to reading your series!

    • Wayne says:

      I’m hoping it works out. Your critique group is more then welcome to participate, the more the merrier ;-). I’ll make a post in June about how it went.