Blog Tour Week 2 and Update

I had a great time at Comicpalooza this weekend. The other Grey Gecko authors are fun to hang out with and many of the other vendors were cool. I also got to meet Timothy Zahn, who bought “A Fancy Dinner Party“, though mainly just to read another author’s story. ¬†We didn’t sell nearly the number of books we all would have hoped, but GGP sold at least enough in total to pay for the table.

After spending three days at the convention, I took Monday off from the internet. So I’m a day behind in updating the schedule for my Blog Tour. Bad me. But without further ado, here’s the schedule for this week, including the stop yesterday.

Aristeia Blog Tour Week 2

That’s all the stops for this week, as Thursday is the big Prelaunch Blitz (plenty of time to sign up for it still) and Friday is the big release day.

Before I go for the day, I wanted to leave you with some photographic evidence that, yes, everything is bigger in Texas, even our Jawa’s.


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