X-wing vs TIE Fighter

The Word of the Nerd has clued me that the once delayed X-wing miniature game is now slated for release this summer.

I’ve never played a miniature’s game before, unless you count Battleship Galaxies game as a miniatures game (which I haven’t played in quite awhile actually…). But I am curious. I enjoy good strategy and tactics games.

The biggest problem is finding someone to play with. My wife will play, but she doesn’t really get into this type of game. And it’s hard enough finding time to get together with friends for group game nights, much less a quick 1v1 kind of game.

Though, I could get games like this now, and say it’s for playing with my son. It will be 8-15 years before he’s old enough for this kind of game. But then I’m just spreading out the cost. It’s an investment….

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