SciFi Fantasy Saturday- April 7

At the suggestion of Patrick Stutzman, I’ve decided to try participating in the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturdays. It looked like a good way to introduce my novel to others and introduce myself to some potentially new stories to read. It’s always good to find good scifi/fantasy stories.

So, without further ado, here is my contribution for this week, a snippet of Aristeia: Revolutionary Right.

 “Joss,” Maarkean said, refusing to let his feelings show as he took a seat across from the other man.

Josserand continued to smile. “Always good to see you, Maark. How’s your sister?”

“Still not interested in you,” Maarkean said.

“Pity. Despite the horns, and the fact she’s related to you, she is a fine-looking woman.”

“You Terrans, always focusing on the differences between species.”

Josserand smiled suggestively. “Oh, trust me, I truly appreciate the aspects of your sister that are similar to Terrans.”

Trying not to let the man get to him, Maarkean tried to change the subject. “I hear you have a job for me.”

Surveying the room, Josserand said in a noncommittal tone, “I may have a job. Whether or not it’s for you remains to be seen.”

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10 Responses to SciFi Fantasy Saturday- April 7

  1. Liana Brooks says:

    Welcome to the reading ring!

    I like the snippet, it gives a nice setup without wasting words.

  2. T. M. Hunter says:

    Great snippet…love snippy dialogue between characters. Definitely sounds like something I’d be interested in.

  3. T.K. Toppin says:

    Loved the interaction between the two, you can just tell of their long history together. Great stuff, you’ve piqued my curiosity. Oh, and welcome to SFFSat!!

  4. Great dialogue scene. Already wondering what their history is.

  5. Nice. You can tell they know each other well enough to get in digs at each other.

  6. Glad to see you made it, Wayne! Welcome aboard!

    I like the dialogue in this snippet. It flows really well. And, we get some nice insight into Joss’s personality, too.

  7. JC Cassels says:

    Great dialog. You really get a feel for their relationship. There’s a lot of characterization there without a lot of wasted words. Great snippet!

    Welcome to the ring.

  8. Misa Buckley says:

    Welcome to SFFSat! And what a great snippet to start with – I love the dialogue!

  9. Wayne says:

    Thanks, all! It was a fun experience.