Portal 2 Review

I just managed to finish Portal 2. Yes I know, I’m a bit behind the times. I picked it up a few months ago on sale. I waited until I was in need of light single player game.  Now was the perfect time for that.

I really enjoyed the first Portal game. I played that one well behind everyone else too. I finished it in about a night as it was very short. Then downloaded a bunch of custom maps people had made. This one took me about 7hrs of play time (according to Steam). That was spread out of 4-5 days.

I was satisfied with the length of this game and the story was quite amusing. The humor of Gladios and Wheatley was just as good. If there was any references to the cake being a lie I missed it sadly.

While I enjoyed the story, it did lead to the parts of the game I liked the least. The escape and making your way through the destroyed old facility just got tedious.  A lot of those parts just involved a lot of running and needing to figure out where to place your portal. Not to much puzzle solving. I like complicated puzzles, but sometimes finding where you needed to go got pretty annoying. Show me where to go and I’ll find a way to get there. Not knowing where to go, I just wander around for awhile wasting valuable time.

The best part of the game was the addition of all the new tricks.  In the original game, you had the turrets, cubes and buttons, death balls and of course the portal gun.  They dropped the death balls but added a ton of new stuff:

  • Bridges
  • Tractor beam funnels
  • Deadly lasers
  • Acceleration Goo
  • Bouncy Goo
  • Portal wall goo
  • Mines
  • Laser redirection cubes

All of these things added several new layers of complexity to the maps. I can’t wait to try out custom maps people have made that tie all of those things together (assuming that is still possible).  I haven’t tried Co-Op yet either but probably won’t unless someone I know wants to play.

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