Bye Bye Kindle Select

Some news in the world of my writing, my time with Kindle Select program has come to an end. The couple of free days that “Revolutionary Right” was available for free generated a total of around 665 downloads (which is about 8x as many books as have been sold). In that regard, the Select program was good because it got the book in front of a bunch of new people.

On the flip side, it was a pretty poor failure in that only it was only checked out through the lending library about 3 times. Since you make less money then a sale when people check it out, and it wasn’t balanced by a bunch of people checking it out that wouldn’t have bought it, there was not a whole lot of benefit to the program.

What this means for you readers, however, is that the ebook is now available in other formats. It is already up for sale on Barnes and Noble. It has been submitted to Kobo, but that takes a few weeks to process. And the formatting process for submitted to Apples iBook store has begun. I’ll keep you updated as it becomes available from other vendors.

At this point I’m not sure if I’ll do Select again. The free check out was nice, and it did seem to lead to an increase in sales, but its hard to say if that was coincidental or causation. It might be worth trying “Revolutionary Right” again for a few free days after the whole series is out. Since it’s the first, having that free as a way to get people into the series might be useful.

In other news, I got the draft of “A Little Rebellion” back from my editor this weekend. I’ve started the editing process and so far things look pretty good. We’ll see how long it takes to get through this draft.

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