A Fancy Dinner Party

Coming up in May, I have a short story, “Peace Meal” being released in a short story collection. The book is available for Pre-Order now, pick it up at a discount!


Pre-order your copy of Grey Gecko’s newest release and get $1 off your autographed copy AND a free copy of the ebook in your preferred format!

RELEASE DATE:   May 25, 2012*

With a foreword by acclaimed horror author Jonathan Maberry, a dozen delectable and deliciously devilish delights await the discerning palate in this collection of short stories from the authors of Grey Gecko Press. The crunchy exteriors of these horrors thrill and excite, only to pale in comparison to the warm marrow of their gooey centers.

An assassin-in-training reflects on his past as he devours the price of his ascension to power. The nature of reality is in flux as a man tries to convince himself what he’s experiencing is merely an illusion. One man’s automobile is another’s bloody end, and a dear, departed father passes down the most detestable of gifts to his son. One man saves a world at the cost of another’s heart, and something is rotten in Victorian London, but that’s fine, because hundreds of years later, the English have also found the most reasonable way to meet their needs in the worldwide food shortage.

Science fiction. Thriller. Fantasy. Americana and Japanese folklore; all these genres and more make their appearance in the premier short story collection from Grey Gecko Press. You don’t want to miss out on this fictional feast!

Authors include:

Due to the nature of publishing, the release date may change. We will notify all those with pre-orders as soon as possible via email if a delay occurs.
Your book will ship on or before the release date. We ship all books via USPS Priority Mail. If you’re in the Katy area, you can arrange a time to pick up your order by emailing us here:sales@greygeckopress.com.

Select your edition of the book (paperback, hardcover, or ebook) from the list below, and make sure to enter the format of your free ebook!

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