When it Rains…

…it pours.

(Warning! This post is a total whine. But it’s cathartic so deal with it)

As you all know, we recently had a baby. He’s over a month now but we’re still adapting to everything and aren’t getting all that much sleep. My wife is still on maternity leave and I’ve put writing aside for awhile. We’ve been focused mostly on taking care of him and doing the basics. ¬†Except life doesn’t want to cooperate.

In the last few days several things have started to break in some way. First the light in the ceiling fan in the living room began flickering. The new light that we had installed last fall. It’s not the bulbs that are the problem, so the light part will have to be replaced. We’ve been putting it off, just using the other light in the room for now.

Then the kitchen sink started backing up. Not all the time, but after running the water while washing dishes for awhile. I tried some draino but it didn’t work so I need to use the snake and/or take apart the u-bend and clean it out. Hopefully that’s all that’s wrong.

Last night, my wife’s computer refused to boot up. Poked around with it a little and not sure what’s up. Push the power button and the fans and lights come on. But I hear no hard drive boot sounds and nothing comes onto the monitor. Pushing the power button turns it off immediately, when normally you need to hold the button down once it’s on. Diagnosing computer problems is so annoying because it could be one of a number of different expensive parts.

And this morning my wife’s car wouldn’t start. We hadn’t been using it much since she wasn’t allowed to drive for a few weeks after the c-section. But this wasn’t the first time we’d tried, she drove it last week. Fortunately (I suppose), it turned out to just be a dead battery. That was easy enough to fix (except for the bar that the support bracket connects too, doesn’t seem to be attached to the car in anyway. I think I secured it but it felt more like a jury-rig than proper installation).

On top of all these things that break and demand immediate attention (plus the baby demanding lots of immediate attention) there are all those regular things to do. Like dishes, yard work, laundry, etc. And then there are the other things I’d like to get too. Like blog posts. ¬†And eventually writing again. And…and…and…

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