Free Book…Again?

Yep, that’s right, Aristeia: Revolutionary Right is again free today on Amazon.  The ability to make books free is one of the benefits of the Kindle Select program.  For a 90 day enrollment you get 5 days free. Since we’ve only used one so far and the period is up in early April, we decided now was a good time to offer it again.

Being free is one of those things that seems foolish, after all, if the books free, I make no money on it. But it accomplish an important thing for a new writer, exposure. During the last free period 450 people downloaded the book. That’s 450 more people who had never heard of me or the book who now have. Probably only a small percentage of those will like the book enough to buy the second one or to tell their friends.

The biggest boost is just in general visibility. In February, only a handful were sold. So far, half way through March, twice as many have been sold, to the tune of roughly 1 a day. That came off  the big free day at the end of February.

Will another free day (or two) now lead to a similar boost? So far the boost today hasn’t been as stellar as the first time, but it’s still getting the book out to many more people. We’ll find out what the end result is.

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