Life’s funny. Right now, I have no time to do much other than take care of baby, my wife, and try to squeeze in a little bit of sleep (occasionally). During this time I’ve also had a lot of ideas for my writing. Both for Book 3, which I need to start, and for my next writing project once the Aristeia trilogy is done (at least the first one, will probably return to it eventually).

No time or energy to write, but my brain has started coming up with ideas again. For the few weeks before the baby was born, I did some editing but didn’t have any ideas that inspired me enough to write anything. I accepted that, the “any day” nature of the end of pregnancy is a little distracting. I got book 2 off to the editor on schedule so that was the important part.

How long will the feeling of inspiration last? Long enough to write book 3 and start the new one? Doubtful. Are these ideas just sleepy delusions and that only make sense to sleep deprived new parents? Who knows.

But that’s why I have a notepad (on my phone) to record things.

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