Cowboys vs Aliens

We got Cowboys vs Aliens through Netflix the other day. We had skipped in the theater because of lackluster reviews. It was described as trying to be to serious. And after viewing it, I have to agree.

It wasn’t a bad film. Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig put in good performances as did the others. ┬áThe special effects were well done, the fights well choreographed, even with what I assume were CGI aliens. Had a nice cowboy atmosphere.

But it wasn’t a cheesy fun film. With a name like Cowboys vs Aliens, you expect some cheese. I’m not sure how to pull that off without being stupid, but the overall tone of the film was far to serious. Most of the funny moments came before the aliens even arrived, with Daniel Craig slapping a whiny guy around. ┬áThe aliens were even here to steal our gold, which could have been well used for humor, but it just wasn’t pulled off.

It’s worth a watch as a Netflix viewing, but I’m glad we didn’t pay theater money for it.

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One Response to Cowboys vs Aliens

  1. Tamarynn says:

    I saw this in the theaters because my dad really wanted to go, and he rarely goes out to the movies. It definitely wasn’t what I expected. Like most people, I figured it’d be more comedic, possibly even poking fun at itself. The seriousness of the movie was a surprise, but I thought, for the most part, it was done well. Probably not the best movie ever, but not the worst, at least it was enjoyable.