OwlCon 2012

Coming up this weekend, I’ll be sitting in the dealer room of OwlCon.  The extent of my con going experience was Dragon Con in 2010. My wife and I decided we wanted to go try something like that before we had kids so, almost on a whim, we decided to go. It was fun.

Now, I know little about OwlCon aside from that it will be significantly smaller than Dragon Con.  I won’t get to wander around and experience most of it, since I’m going to try and sell books, so will be locked to a dealer table.  I’ll be at a table with other authors from Grey Gecko Press. That will at least help with potential boredom.

Since, I’ll probably attending a few cons from here to the future, I got a T-shirt made for the occasion. It’s available for sale if anyone wants it, but it’s wicked expensive since I didn’t do any kind of bulk order to sell from here. I just listed it for the hell of it and to save the design.

This weekend should be an interested experience. If you’re in Houston, come on by. I’ll sign a book for you. Though,  since I’m normally working from home, odds are good that this weekend will be when the baby decides to arrive.

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One Response to OwlCon 2012

  1. Tamarynn says:

    Have a good time and good luck with the sales!