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Evolution of a Cover part 4

Today you get a special bonus of two concept shots. These were Oliver’s first color tests and he tried two different approaches. One, a darker more blue tint, and the other a brighter yellow tint.

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Nerd World Problems

Wil Wheaton has a problem finding time to game. This is a problem I can sympathize with. I have several gaming groups in my life; An MMO guild, my online RPG group and my lifesize, real, in-person board gaming group. …

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Evolution of a Cover part 3

The evolution continues and things start to come together. Oliver trimmed the horns down some to be more bumps/ridges and the screfa tattoo came down to just cover Maarkean’s cheek. The Cutty Sark has taken shape in this one to it’s …

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Evolution of a Cover part 2

Today, we’ll continue the cover concept art evolution with Oliver‘s second draft. Here you can see some facial features of Maarkean and an early concept for the Cutty Sark. His tattoo extends a little bit high, but I liked the …

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Evolution of a Cover

For the week leading up to the release of my novel, Aristeia: Revolutionary Right, I am going to give blog readers a look at the cover art evolution process. Oliver from Fantasio Fine Arts was amazing to work with.  He …

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Here it Comes

Well, tomorrow’s the big day, SWTOR begins Early Game Access. Since I registered my pre-order key the morning it started, I expect I’ll be able to get in tomorrow. If not, then WAY to many people were up and ordering …

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Advanced Reviews

Guess what loyal blog readers, here’s an opportunity to get a free advance e-book copy of my new novel, Aristeia: Revolutionary Right. In exchange for reviewing the book on Amazon and a few other sites within 2 weeks of the …

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Football Shuffle

I enjoy watching college football games, primarily the Florida Gators.  But the constant shuffle of coaches between schools is a little crazy. As is the switching of schools to different conferences. All through my junior, senior high school years and …

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One thing at a time!

There is a lot of interesting tidbits of news and developments in the gaming world. I just spent two days being sick and am trying to catch up on writing but the internet is against me. X3: Albion Prelude So, …

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Zombie Science

No, I don’t think we should reanimate long dead science fields like alchemy. I’m talking about the science behind zombies. Specifically the scientific explanations given for the existence of zombie’s in pop culture. Now, your typical zombie is an undead …

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