Gleeful Failure

A recent article on Geek Mom promised me Chewbacca on Glee. Singing plus Wookiees? What could be better geek fun? I was disappointed to see that Chewbacca was featured for an entire 2 seconds. The rest of the episode was pretty terrible.

Glee kind of has been on a very sharp decline since it’s very strong start. First half of Season 1 was very good and second half not bad. There have been good episodes scattered throughout the next two seasons, but all in all disappointing. Now, I know I have only myself to blame for being disappointed at the lack of a complete Chewbacca dance number, but that doesn’t excuse the general terribleness of the rest of the episode. I get what they were going for with the old school Christmas special bit, but it went on way to long.

Now, for a fun Christmas special, the Eureka episode was quite amusing. There were Snow Ninja’s, or Sninja’s. It paid tribute to all the classic styles; Charlie Brown, claymation, cartoons. And had Admiral Adama as a talking dog. That was a good collection of geekness wrapped up in the episode all with Eureka’s brand of silliness.

(I am purposely avoiding talking about the whole topic of over saturation of Christmas in the US. It’s a complicated topic for me since I enjoy the season, the songs, etc but also am not religious, agree with Jon Stewart’s War on Christmas, and am quite annoyed when there is anything resembling Christmas before Thanksgiving)

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  1. Don’t forget about Jim Parsons (Sheldon, from Big Bang Theory) as the voice of Carl, Carter’s much-maligned Jeep.