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2011, We Hardly Knew Ya

Apparently, at the end of the year, it is a common practiceto look back at the previous year and forward to the new year. Not one to buck tradition, unless I feel like it, here is my look back at …

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Programming Update

I haven’t been posting lately because I am off surrounded by family. Should be back to a regular schedule after the new year.

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Six Month Review

Today marks 6months since I began this diversion into Blogdom. It has been an interesting experience. I love numbers so let’s take a look: At the 3 month mark things looked like this: 1174 Unique Visitors 76 RSS Feeds 4861 …

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If I were to tell you that today, a space based MMO added a small green alien that gives out weapons that ignite and glow a bright color, what would you think I was talking about? If you guess Star …

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SWTOR- One Week Impressions

Well, I have been in SWTOR for a week now and today the game officially launches. While I wait in a (horribly inaccurate) queue, I think I’ll take a look at my game experience so far: The Status Level 22 …

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Aristeia: Revolutionary Right

The day is here! Now available for sale on Amazon: The Kindle version is up but the paperback and hardback versions are not yet linked. We’re just waiting on Amazon to go ahead and make that connection. Could be a …

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Evolution of a Cover part 7

Tomorrow’s the big release day, so for the last day of cover art we look at Oliver’s finished cover and the first two title tests. I’m really happy with the way both Maarkean and the Cutty Sark turned out. They aren’t …

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Evolution of a Cover part 6

Two more concept pieces for today.  We can see the Cutty Sark start to gain details and Maarkean’s Ocait clan screfa gains it’s recognizable violet shade. Here, his duster also looks much more like a simple duster and less like a …

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Evolution of a Cover part 5

The two color concepts that Oliver developed ended up being merged together. Maarkean and the planet surface get a bit brighter look, so that they don’t appear so blue. But the nice dark, blue/purple night sky remains intact.

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Gleeful Failure

A recent article on Geek Mom promised me Chewbacca on Glee. Singing plus Wookiees? What could be better geek fun? I was disappointed to see that Chewbacca was featured for an entire 2 seconds. The rest of the episode was …

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