Thankful Thanksgiving Day 22: My Parents

Today I am thankful for my parents. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Literally, because I wouldn’t exist.

Beyond the essential gift of giving me life, they also gave me so much more. They loved me which sadly, is something many kids don’t get. They raised me to understand right from wrong but also to think about things. They provided me with a good home and everything I needed.

They encouraged me to excel but didn’t push me to hard. I had some friends who broke down from the stress their parents put on them to succeed. I also had friends who didn’t care about anything because no one encouraged them.

They’ve been happily married for almost forty years. This has shown me that it’s possible, and not really that hard, despite what the media will have you believe. You just need love, respect and communication.

Even though I haven’t lived with them for more than a decade, and they’re three homes removed from the one they had when I last lived with them, they still make it a point to make me feel at home when I visit. I always know that if I ever need anything, they’re there. They’ll bend over backwards to help any of their kids. And while this may have instilled a bit of selfishness into all of us, they also taught us the essence of giving and doing for others.

They love their role as grandparent and I look forward to my son getting spoiled by them.

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