Thankful Thanksgiving Day 20: Books

I love books. Science fiction, mystery, historical, educational, fantasy, whatever. Books bring knowledge and fun to all of us. Books allow an idea to be preserved beyond that fleeting moment when it emerges.

For a long time I couldn’t understand people who hate reading. ¬†With so many choices out there of what to read, what’s not to love about books? Go to a fantastical world or learn about a subject you enjoy. But many people see reading as a chore. I blame school for that. Reading is not enjoyable in school. All the life is sucked out of it. At least these days.

But books don’t have to be analyzed. They can just be enjoyed. If you don’t enjoy a particular book, you can put it down and try a different one. I love history books, but I’ve not finished a number of them because they were just so dry.

Books have taken me to countless worlds, both real and imagined. They’ve provided innumerable hours of entertainment. I hope they will also provide me with an income soon. But more than that I hope my books can provide entertainment to others and maybe instill a love of reading in some kid somewhere.

Whether you read paperbacks, e-books, blogs, magazines, wikipedia or audiobooks, they are all books. They are sources of information and imagination.  Enjoy them.

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