Thankful Thanksgiving Day 19: Clean Air, Water and Food

Today I am thankful for having clean air and safe water and food. Not having to worry about getting a disease from the food I eat is often taken for granted. All the news stories you hear about tainted food highlights the reason for government organizations like the FDA. Without an inspection process, more food would be tainted.

I’m all for the air getting a bigger boost than it currently has. The Clean Air Act helped clean up a lot of bad pollutants. But we can’t stop there. Even more pollutants are messing with the environment. ┬áThis is no time to pull back on the regulations. Rules requiring companies to not make the atmosphere unbreathable is not killing the economy. And if it were, then GOOD. I’d rather have slow economic growth and be able to breath, then great economic growth, but have to pay all my money to a company for bottles of clean air.

So raise a glass of clear, unpolluted water in thanks to government regulation for ensuring access to clean air and safe food and water.

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