Nothing to do with Star Wars

Bioware appears to have lifted the NDA for journalists on SWTOR. As such has a whole host of articles that have been released, covering all of the Republic classes.

So here’s links to those articles with some thoughts at the end:

Trooper Class Preview

Smuggler Class Preview

Jedi Knight Class Preview

Jedi Consular Class Preview

My Thoughts:

  • Everyone speaks very highly of the story and the immersion of the voice acting. This is something I am looking forward to, so it’s nice to hear it doesn’t get old, at least not by level 15.
  • Dark vs Light actually involve hard choices. Several of the articles mention some dark themes and really being tempted by the two sides. It doesn’t sound like this will be a kiddy MMO.
  • One mentioned, and spoke highly, of the mod system. It sounds like you can actually keep your low level guns and upgrade them as you level. Though there have been rumors circulating on the forums lately that Bioware removed this feature. So who knows.
  • Questing is talked about highly, but the natural side effect is that this is not good for a sandbox game. But I gave up that hope awhile ago.
  • Jedi don’t start out with lightsabers. This always annoys me. If you’re going to start the game as a Jedi, give me a damn lightsaber at level 1.
  • The guy who wrote the Jedi Consular piece could use some practice. The piece was stilted, boring, and awkward. The others were written by people who actually felt they enjoyed their game experience were excited to talk about. This guy felt like he was trying to be excited but really wasn’t. So either its a lie and he didn’t enjoy the game, or he’s not a very good writer.
  • I would have liked some more details about the advanced classes. The trooper piece talked about the differences but the others didn’t have much.
  • The Jedi Knight piece mentions you get to pick your saber color, but not how much choice you have. Hopefully it’s more than just “blue or green”. I want my Mace Windu purple saber.














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2 Responses to Nothing to do with Star Wars

  1. Sienn'lyn says:

    I agree, the piece on the Jedi Consular class seems very awkward. Of course, I wouldn’t give much credit of any kind to someone who writes something like this:

    “The worlds are massive! There is a lot of overall game area. There are public speeder pads and for a few credits you can use them to ferry you around the map. This was something I did not like about SW:TOR. It seemed the worlds were needlessly massive so I spent a lot of time walking and turning in quests.”

    Some people just need instant gratification I guess…

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