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Garage Sale

Six months ago we put the house on the market to try and sell it. We got no a few people come by the first few weeks, and then about 1 person a month for the next several.  We looked …

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Probe Droids

Japan has designed a new reconnaissance drone. Check out the video: Pretty cool huh? Now tell me if your mind went the same place mine did?

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Name Change

I decided to change the name of one of my posts. It was title Star Wars Beta News because it was about the lifting of the journalist NDA on SWTOR.  However, I was getting dozens of spam comments on it …

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Star Trek for the Modern Era

I read a couple blog posts recently that talk about why there isn’t a new Star Trek on television now and why Star Trek might not work as a show today. I’ve talked about this a few times but these posts raise a …

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Knit me a SWTOR

There’s a nice piece on Massively about SWTOR crafting, or Crew Skills. There are not a ton of details, but it does clarify a few things. Primarily, it establishes that, contrary to what some podcasters thought, each Player only has …

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It’s a Matter of Presentation

Thinking about some recent debates I’ve had, I was thinking how taxes are currently viewed as a negative. It’s all a matter of perspective but also one of presentation. It’s really hard to change someones perspective, but the presentation is …

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STO F2P Beta Thoughts

I’ve spend some time on Tribble, the STO F2P test server. I’ve read the Dev Tracker and their postings. Here’s some thoughts: Dilithium The reward economy really needed to be cleaned up. There were way to many systems (Merits, Emblems, …

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Revenge of the Spammers

For a month or two now, since I installed an IP ban program, the number of spam posts have gone down significantly.  The number of real comments was climbing well ahead of spam comments. Last night, they fought back. The …

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Nothing to do with Star Wars

Bioware appears to have lifted the NDA for journalists on SWTOR. As such has a whole host of articles that have been released, covering all of the Republic classes. So here’s links to those articles with some thoughts at …

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Failure IS an Option

Tobold had an interesting post last week where he blessed us all with a curse, “May you win every game you play!” The central idea being that games are boring if you can’t lose and that this derives from video …

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