Three Month Review

Today marks three months since I decided to try this blog experiment.  This almost marked post number 100, but will be post 102.

I’ve made it a point to try and make a post every week day. Sometimes I’ve done more than one, sometimes I’ve done some on the weekend. It’s been fun, having a place to just write whatever I feel like.

The site has had 1174 unique visitors, averaging 25 per day. There have been 76 RSS Feeds (which I think means people reading from an RSS reader). And 4861 Pageviews. Though, the 5 top days of unique visitors occurred at the beginning of September.

There have been 216 total comments, of which, 114 were not spam. That’s a pretty even ratio, but at least the non-spam is ahead slightly. Of those comments, I can recall only a small handful that were not people I know.

The vast majority of people have connected using Windows XP (1183, which is higher than the number of visitors, so I don’t know how these numbers are calculated). A surprising 38 people have connected using Windows 95. I wasn’t aware Windows 95 was still compatible with the internet.

Most people use a variation of Internet Explorer, though a respectable amount use Firefox. In third is Chrome.

Here are the top ten search terms:

swtor+legacy+system 17
swtor+collectors+edition 9 8
legacy+system+swtor 6
swtor+authenticator 5
swtor+lifetime+subscription 4
lahbacca 4
maarkean 4
escape+velocity 4
swtor+beta+leaks 3

Seems SWTOR topics are the main driver of visitors. All in all, not a huge showing from search engines. What is surprising is that my handle (Maarkean) and a friends (Lahbacca) have brought equal traffic. I wonder whose out there searching for Lahbacca?

My top referrers was the Rogue forums. A total of 53 times people clicked the link from there. Followed by that is other places on this website. A surprising 16 people came from The Ancient Gaming Noob, thanks Wilhelm.

I have no idea what these numbers actually translate to in terms of real people reading. Have 1000 real people read the blog? Are there really 75 real people subscribed to it via RSS? Or are the majority of those visitors spam bots? If we use the comments as a comparison, maybe 500 real people have visited the site. That’s not to bad I guess.

If there are any real people reading that have blogs of their own, how does 1128 visitors in the first three months look? Good? Pathetic?

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3 Responses to Three Month Review

  1. Did you get any refers from my sidebar feed? That comes via Google Read and usually starts off with:


    As a comparison, my EVE Online Pictures site was getting about 28 page views a day in its first six months. Three years in it gets about 120 a day, but it is only pictures and I only put up two pictures a week.

  2. Maarkean says:

    I’m not sure I’ve seen that one specifically, but there are a lot of spam referrers, so I don’t look through them all that closely. I do recall seeing sometimes.

    What’s the difference between Pageviews and Visitors? I’m use StatPress to collect this data an it breaks things down like that. I assumed Visitors to be unique IP’s that came to the site, and Pageviews were total pages that were, well, viewed.

  3. I am always curious as to who clicks on things in my side bar. And I know the counts are off, because having two blogs, I can often see that the referrals show by one do not match the outbound clicks reported by the other. You would think counting would be easy.

    Uniques are usually a single IP visited on a given day. I think daily unique visitors is the term sometimes used.

    Page views are exactly what you said. If I go open up each post on your site, each operation will generate a page view.