Sport Confusion

With coming of college football season, I was eagerly anticipating watching the first Gator game this Saturday. With a new coach and a quarterback with a mixed record, it had the makings for a fun season. However, there doesn’t appear to any way for me to watch the game.

I was excited by the addition of ESPN content to the Xbox. I figured this would be a good way to get games that weren’t available on major networks. But it turns out, that what games are available this way don’t make any more sense than any other way. The Gator game is listed as being available on ESPNU, which is one of ESPN’s many networks. To get ESPNU, I would need to upgrade to a more expansive TV package, costing $20/month.

I’d happily bay $20 in order to watch a game, but I don’t want the expanded TV package. Especially since the game the following week will be available on FSN, a local Florida network, so it wouldn’t help me. The third game at least will be available on CBS.

Why is it that there isn’t a way to just get a tv/online package that just gives you the games you want? There was the one sports package we paid for the last few years, but it was hit or miss which games we would be able to pick up. The 2nd game on FSN would probably be available. But the first one on ESPNU wouldn’t. To get every game, you really need to subscribe to a dozen different plans.

This is the first time in a long time, I’ve considered some illegal method. I read about and looked into it. Turns down the site is shut down now for illegal streaming. But when you can’t get the service you want, legally, without paying out the wazoo and jumping through a bunch of hoops, illegal options become palatable.

I’d happily pay a reasonable amount for a service that provided me with exactly the games I wanted. But these sports packages only provide a little, unless you watch a lot, or are happy with a variety of games, instead of trying to follow a specific team. I’m sure the demand is there, so why isn’t the service?

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