Google Music

I signed up for the Google Music Beta and got into it a few days ago. I’ve spent the last few days uploading all of my music and have been toying with it. I decided to do this, after the Amazon music cloud labeled half of my mp3’s as “Unknown Artist” and “Unknown Album”. That was annoying.


  • Upload program works efficiently and seamlessly in the background
  • Identifies all of my songs, no Unknowns
  • Organizes the music just like iTunes
  • Imports iTunes or Windows Media playlists
  • Plays music from anywhere with an internet connection with good quality
  • Doesn’t appear to have a limit on amount of songs (I have something like 60Gb)
  • Doesn’t appear to be a way to redownload the music. This was one advantage the Amazon Cloud had. There might be a way, just haven’t found it yet
  • Organizes artists just like iTunes, if an artist has a song that is Artist + someone else, it’s a separate artist. This way you can’t get all of someones songs together without making a playlist of them. Annoying
  • A lot of Albums are broken into two for some reason. Might be iTunes fault
Haven’t had but a few days with it and still have 1,000 songs to upload. We’ll see how it goes. But so far, it does what I wanted. A way to listen to my music from any computer.
I have 8 invites I can send out if anyone is interested.
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