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SW Kinect

  If I didn’t already have a X-box 360, that would be the one to buy. For only $450 you can get an X-box, big hard drive, very cool design, Kinect and the new SW Kinect game. As a Star …

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Things Lost

GeekDad had a fun (re)post recently that talked about the things kids born recently or in the future will never have any experience with. Throughout time, this has always been true, but it seems to be more prevalent in the …

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STO Update

Season 4 for Star Trek Online came not to long ago. I’ve not been to active so don’t have much to report on it. I played some with the new ground combat but I’m waiting for the Duty Office System …

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SWTOR Pre-Order

Well, the Pre-Orders have officially begun.  And even at $150 a pop, the Collector’s Editions have already sold out. The base game is $60 with the digital deluxe edition being $80. I decided to go with the digital deluxe. I’m …

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SWTOR Collector’s Edition

Apparently, information about the Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector’s Edition has leaked. The Star Was: The Old Republic alleged box art and Collector’s Edition information have been leaked. According to a Polish website, the pre-order for SW:TOR, the new massively multiplayer online role …

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Blah Blah Blah

I’m coming up on having been writing on this blog for one month.  In that time I’ve made 30 posts in the following categories: 12 Games 6 Geekery 8 General 1 Life 5 Politics 2 Writing I started this blog …

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I was considering giving CivWorld but after reading Wilhelm’s review and seeing the screenshots, I no longer have any interest. This screenshot really says it all. Playing a stupid mini-game to gain culture and make trade routes? Now, I’m a …

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Robot Jedi

Well, the robots don’t have lightsabers…..yet….but thanks to the guys at Stanford, they will know how to fight with them. So when your arm is cut off by a Terminator (after Google becomes self-aware), thank these Stanford students.  

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Seal the Borders!

Well, Borders is closing. As a hopeful author, having a book store close isn’t a good thing. I’m not particularly partial to Borders. I split my time between them and Barnes and Nobles equally. I like the physical store of …

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Harry Potter Review

We saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 yesterday.  I’m a huge fan of the books, less so the movies. I didn’t discover them until college, shortly before book 5 came out. I remember skipping class one spring …

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