Modular Equipment

There’s been some beta leaks of screenshots from SWTOR. Take everything with a grain of salt, since A) it’s a leak and B) it’s beta. But the one about modular equipment has me intrigued. I like the idea as the internet believes it works: that you have a piece of equipment and upgrade it instead of replacing it.

From this screenshot, it would appear you have four components of a lightsaber that you can adjust however you wish. So you get to pick the color you wish and a few other things that will provide stat bonuses. What is immediately obvious is that all of those components just affect your standard RPG style stats, they don’t appear to affect the stats (ie DPS) of the weapon. So the question is, is weapon damage irrelevant of weapon, or is that fixed based on weapon so you can do upgrades, but if you use your favorite level 2 gun, instead of the new level 50 gun, you’re hosed?

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4 Responses to Modular Equipment

  1. Sienn'lyn says:

    The more screenshots I see of SWToR, the more I’m thinking “SWG UI”.

    Modular equipment is a cool concept though, especially if it means diversity in characters and equipment. A flaw most MMOs have is that there is always some kind of “end game” loot, meaning that most people eventually run around in the same armour and with the same weapons. Like composite back in SWG.

  2. Maarkean says:

    Yeah, I’m hoping it works like SWG did in the end, where the look of the weapon/armor and the stats were completely independent of each other.

  3. Sienn'lyn says:

    One thing makes me wonder if it is fake though. The bonuses listed do not fit within the boxes for each component, and the UI for the lightsaber is a mess. It’s horribly organized, with lines crossing over each other like spaghetti. I would have expected it to be a bit better organized…

  4. Maarkean says:

    It is pretty much a mess. But I’ve learned not to underestimate the horribleness of UI’s coming out of beta’s.