Even More SWTOR News

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, over on TORWARS there are some more tidbits I picked up on SWTOR. Go read the article there for all the details. I only want to comment on a few things.

Weapon Customization was something bound to be in-game, but when the BioWare developers elaborated that you could in theory use the first Lightsaber you ever create up until the very end of the game using upgrades – I got excited. This feature is spectacular, as it will leave plenty of room for customization in terms of aesthetics for players – as if you like the look of an item, you could in theory continue to use it and just upgrade it through-out your play experience.

I really like that concept. Being able to have a weapon you really like and just upgrade it over the life of the game. It’s very Han Solo and his DL-44. Do I think that’s not really how it’s going to work? Probably. Games are just to focused on new gear, instead of just improving gear. The Legendary Item system from LOTRO is my favorite gear set up, and even it requires you to upgrade your weapon every few levels. And this doesn’t even talk about armor. It would be my preference to not have to be decked out in full battle armor to be effective. Jedi and smugglers didn’t wear armor in the movies, I don’t really want to in game. So, we’ll see how this actually works.

 They have stated they would love to see Capital Ships for guilds, but it’s currently on the ‘Wall of Crazy’ at this time…

Oh, Bioware, why do you tease me so? These was dangled before the SWG crowd for to long to me to really believe that we’ll ever see it in SWTOR. But it would be awesome. Having a capital ship to converge on as a guild and that be our home base. Ah, pipe dreams.

If you’re on a World Quest in a group, and a member decides to kill an NPC in the story line, that NPC will remain dead in your Characters story line as well (even if you chose to allow them to live) – however, if it is a Personal Class Quest, that is not the case. Personal Class Quest decisions are made by you, not the group – so no need to fear Sith killing all your important Class Quest NPCs there.

Now this really intrigues me. My take on it is that once you do a mission, the outcome of that mission affects you’re future missions. So NPC’s stay dead for the first time in any MMO. Now, I’m sure you can redo a mission with a friend whose never done it, and the NPC will be alive. But, if for your interaction with the world, and future quests, an NPC is either alive or dead based on the outcome of a mission, that would be cool. But we’ll see how it plays out.

That’s all the points I wanted to comment on. Lot’s of good stuff in there.

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