Let’s stop by Tatooine

Taking a break from SWG for a moment, let’s take a look at a recent SWTOR video.



Things I liked:

  • Speeders– Suggests the land is relatively big, instead of small instance maps.
  • Story Interaction– The two players each made a choice. Even though only one can affect the outcome, you still get to make a choice. Neh, still have to make a choice. Not sure yet whether the choices affect anything other than the cutscene, but even if they don’t, you get decide to kill a guy or let him live. Better than other games.
  • Inventory– Quest items and inventory are separate. So annoying when your inventory is filled with quest items

Things I didn’t like:

  • Characters– I still don’t like the look of characters. Look cartoony. No game has done this well, but the clothes are the worst part. They make the characters look like cheap toys. You know, the ones that are a single hunk of molded plastic.
  • The Quest itself– It was a standard “Kill Stuff till you find the drop” go to another location, kill some more stuff style quest. The interactive story elements are nice, but if that’s the only new game play element and everything else is the same “kill 10 things” quests, it might get old.

Things that didn’t matter:

  • Combat- Wasn’t wonderful, wasn’t anything special. Hard to get a gauge of how much tactical thinking was required vs just spamming attacks. So this remains an Unknown.
  • UI- Again, need to use it to see if I like it. Nothing jumped out as stupid.
  • Companion– It’s hard to say what role they really play, other than just another target and damage dealer. Reminded me of the Skirmish companion in LOTRO. From what I’ve gathered, the companions really uniqueness comes in their stories and the side missions they can go on alone.
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